• Desserts

    Historically "old way" cooks never had great knowledge on pastries:
    those 2 or 3 thing learned from their mother or from their grandmother and nothing more; to try and satisfy always more demanding clients (especially female customers) in pastries section it was mandatory for us to go to school.
    Gian Mario, the youngest child, packed up his baggage and went to Brescia, to go and sustain a course at "CAST Food", the professional cooker school, ranked and acknowledged in Europe.

    • Some of our dessert
    • Some of our dessert
    • Some of our dessert

    Obviously after these teachings our offer for the end of the dinner has not become the one you can find in an highly ranked restaurant, but it got obviously better; a really big thanks goes to "Gemelli Pasticceri", located in Cavagnolo, that helped us with a couple of regional pastries cooking. They're really great, please go and visit them.

    This is one small list of pastries and desserts that we offer in turn:

    • Torta di nocciole con zabajone al Moscato d'Asti,
    • Brutti e buoni con zabajone al Moscato d'Asti,
    • Bunet,
    • Panna cotta,
    • Bavarese alle fragole,
    • Baverese al cioccolato bianco con gelatina di frutta di stagione
    • Pesche ripiene con cioccolato e amaretti,
    • Pesche sciroppate con gelato al fior di latte,
    • Pere Maderna caramellate al Barbera,
    • Torta con pere e amaretti,
    • Tiramisù,
    • Crostata con frutti di bosco,
    • Zuppa inglese,
    • Torta di mele e cacao (simile al castagnaccio)…

    Along with coffee we won't let you be without our small pastries.