• Green economy

    Green economy

    You only need to briefly look at our restaurant's roof to understand how much we care about sustainability.
    Strong investments have been sustained by our administrator to depend as less as possible from non-sustainable energies.
    In summer 2010 many solar panels have been installed to produce hot water, a 1000lts charger guarantee a constant flux of solar hot water to our dishwasher and washing machines; it was mandatory to buy electrical appliances that autonomally use hot water directly from our system, without using electrical resistances.

    In spring of 2012 our administrator asked to the company "Fratelli Dal Col", located in Robella d'Asti, to install a photovoltaic implant to produce 19W of electric energy; this investement grant an almost full coverage of our energetic needs.
    These two different implants are the most concreet symbol of our "green philosophy", but there are a lot of other solutions that we apply every day to try to depend less more from fossil fuels:

    • We try to optimize car travels to our suppliers, buying the maximum amount available of products for every travel;
    • We use the oven almost everytime at full charge, cooking at the same time all of those foods that have similar way of cooking;
    • We use only season fruits and vegetables sold by nearby companies;
    • Only Piedmont products are on our wine list, none of the bottles in our cellar travel along Italy on a truck;
    • Wherever possible we have installed led or low consuption lamps;
    • All of our garbage is separated during elaborations and destined to separate collection;
    • When possible we try to reduce packaging by buying products with big package.

    A lot has been already done, but a lot has yet to be done; because of this our company upgrades follow a proper green agenda that will slowly bring us to be much more sustainable; one of the next step will be to heat up our restaurant using less energy than the one we're using today.

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