• Our wine cellar

    Our wine cellar

    This wine list has been written directly from sommelier Alessia Giorcelli, that has chosen for you the best in regional winery production. Our gastronomical idea has been always close to the territory and it's traditions, as our wine cellar is.
    Piedmont has a very important and strong winery tradition, known all around the world: with great high quality wines nearby we felt that it was somewhat wrong to offer wines from other areas of Italy.


      • Altalanga Metodo Classico "Rösa" Giulio Cocchi 2008 – 75 cl
      • € 35,00
      • Brut Rosè Metodo Classico Dacapo 2009 – 75 cl
      • € 20,00
      • Chardonnay Brut "Primosecolo" Giulio Cocchi 2013 – 75 cl
      • € 12,00